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ingroup # Posted on June 12, 2013 at 8:38 am

Thanks so much. If I can do the things I’m imagining, you may have changed my life. I have been building this very plugin in a not so elegant manner and this has blown my mind a little. Well once this user role thing gets worked out anyways… 🙂

I can’t wait to learn more about your thought process of developing a site. Reading the documentation like a tabloid rag. Make more screencasts!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! I’m a decent programmer. Much better than average. I find the WP documentation and API logic a little hard to follow. Like you say, it’s just hard to remember. I speak 3 languages and can’t remember how to query_posts or was it get_post, I don’t remember. Let me look it up…

I get what you are talking about with the wrappers. It would be awesome to see you explain it in a screencast. Sorry to runaway with this comment. I was up until 5:22 this morning playing with this and have been back at it every spare moment. I’ll put it thru it’s paces. Also screencast on multisite would be unreal! Sorry again…

Kiko Doran

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