MasterPress boosts your productivity by bringing point-and-click simplicity to the more advanced features of WordPress, while introducing amazing new ways to manage your content and develop custom themes for your web sites and apps.

Post Type UI

Create and edit WordPress post types with ease. Features like custom field sets, icon uploads, a drag-and-drop column builder for post listings, and integrated capability management will save you hours of precious project time.


Highlights the more commonly-used features of custom post types, while giving advanced users the ability to tweak everything else.

Column Builder

Create listing columns in minutes, with drag-and-drop reordering, and integrated support for custom fields and taxonomies.     

Admin Menus

Quickly upload an icon to represent your post type, and then simply drag your menu into the right position. 

Field Sets

Create sets of custom fields just for specific post types, bringing incredible flexibility to any WordPress setup.

Taxonomy UI

Take complete control of WordPress taxonomies, and quickly link them to post types in your site. Taxonomies receive first-class treatment in MasterPress, gaining some of the best features offered to post types like custom fields and easy column management.   


The Taxonomy UI aligns perfectly with the Post Type UI. Learn one and you’ve learnt the other.

Column Builder

Taxonomies aren’t left behind, with advanced features like column management for term listings in the dashboard.

Field Sets

Give your terms more meaning too, with custom field set definitions.

Smarter Terms

Custom taxonomy icons give terms more prominence, and custom fields make them much more flexible. 

Field Sets

Define single or multiple-item custom field sets to completely customise the content entry experience for you and your clients. Featuring an innovative user interface that scales beautifully from minor enhancements to complete customisation, MasterPress elevates WordPress content management to a whole new level. 

Integrated Design

Field set meta-boxes integrate beautifully with the dashboard, and were carefully designed to feel like part of WordPress core.

Summary View

Custom field sets can be collapsed to a summary view, bringing clarity to detailed field setups.

Smart multi-item UI

Summary views work superbly with the multi-item field set UI, letting you drill down into rich content as needed.


Field set and field creation UIs are closely aligned with those for post types and taxonomies, making everything easier to learn.

Object-Oriented Theme API

MasterPress features a comprehensive object-oriented API for theme developers which smoothly integrates with the standard template tags and The Loop, or can replace them completely if you so choose. Powered by the dynamic language features of PHP 5, you can create concise, expressive code that may start to feel a little bit magical!

Loop Integration

Bring custom field data to into your existing themes, with dynamic chained property access based on set and field names.

Collect them all

The Collection API class provides amazing flexibility for dealing with sets of posts, terms, and more. 

Better Queries

Write post and taxonomy queries and loops with expressive API methods and magic property handling that strip away complexity.

Rich Documentation

Code recipes for common tasks get you up to speed, and the extensive class reference guides you through advanced tasks.   

Integrated Role Management

Roles and capabilities offer detailed control of what your users are allowed to do in WordPress, but the learning curve for making the most of them can be steep. The role management interface in MasterPress brings more clarity to the myriad capabilities available, and includes full support for locking down specific custom post types, taxonomies, and even MasterPress itself.

Capabilities Clarified

Built-in capabilities are grouped to be more understandable, and inline tooltips save you from deciphering the Codex. 

Smart Integration

MasterPress recognises post types and taxonomies with specific capability settings, making them far easier to assign.

With great power...

All features in MasterPress are capability-aware too, allowing you to lock it down as much as you need to.

Plugins and more

Other capabilities registered by plug-ins and themes are recognised, and you can create custom keys too.


Masterplan is the term MasterPress uses to describe your complete content management setup. Your site’s masterplan can be backed up, restored, and even exported for use in another WordPress site, letting you replicate a CMS environment in minutes.


A beautiful overview gives you a complete guide to your WordPress CMS setup.


Export your entire masterplan to a zip file, complete with a readme file and any custom icons you’ve used.

Instant CMS Import

Import a previously exported masterplan file to instantly replicate your CMS environment to a similar site.

Backup and Restore

Restore from a previous masterplan backup if something goes wrong.

Even More

Still haven’t heard enough? Here’s a few more things on offer.

Ready for your Retina

We’ve gone to great length to ensure the MasterPress UI and website look outstanding on your new MacBook Pro. You lucky devil…

Perfect menu icons

MasterPress generates CSS-based sprite-maps for admin menu icons, with grayscale (idle) and color (active) states, so nothing looks out of place.

Content Versions

Previous versions of your custom field content can be stored as you work, and a smart interface lets you browse and restore content easily.

Better Templates

Use templates in other post types besides just pages, and specify their content options and field sets too.

Site Content

Define field sets to apply across your entire site, handy for common content in headers and footers.

Shared Field Sets

Share field sets across multiple objects in your WordPress environment.

Read-only fields

Single fields or entire field sets can be configured to require specific capabilities to make them editable, giving you precise control.

Copy and Paste

Quickly copy content from an entire field set, and paste it into another.

Multi-site aware

Share post types, taxonomies, field sets and fields to all of the sites in your network, or restrict each of them to specific sites only.

Latest From the Blog

MasterPress 1.4.1 is now available

27th May 2024

This update addresses backwards compatibility issues that were introduced in the previous update. There were some edge cases where PHP 7 had issues and it didn’t work at all on PHP 5.6. We have now changed it so that the PHP 8 compatibility changes will now only affect PHP 8 and will be more thorough… 

Plugin Requirements

MasterPress requires a minimum of WordPress version 4.9, MySQL 5.6, and PHP version 5.6.20.

We also recommend that PHP is configured to use a memory limit of 64MB per request (128MB may be required for sites with higher complexity).

This plug-in is not compatible with the WordPress.com hosted service.

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