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traversal # Posted on May 3, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Hey James,

Yeah, when I first sat down to think about adding the filter, it dawned on me that it might take a bit longer to support what you guys are after. You’re right – the way it’s currently setup is to share the masterplan across all sites in the network.

This worked for my use-case as I was building it, but you’ve made me realise that MasterPress needs a mode where each site is completely independent, so that you could use it in a network for multiple clients.

I still don’t think that will be too difficult though, as in theory the filter can also switch which set of database tables to use.

I also realised today as I sat down to work on it, that WordPress no longer uses “blogs.dir” folders in multisite, so I need to work to support the new “uploads/sites/SITE_ID” structure of that too.

Thanks for clarifying.


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