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traversal # Posted on October 6, 2015 at 10:19 am

Hey, save_image won’t help you here, as that is intended to load an existing image resource and save it out somewhere else.

I’m assuming you already have the image on the server inside wp-content/uploads, so you shouldn’t need to do that.

Are you trying to insert it into the core Feature Image field in WordPress? That would likely require you to insert an attachment to the post first, which is outlined here:

You may also need to generate the metadata:

And then you may also need to set the post meta to point to the new attachment ID:

On the other hand if you’re using a MasterPress custom image field, you should be able to set the VALUE of that field to be the full URL to the image, and MasterPress should be able to see that image inside your wp-content/uploads directory.

So if you had “wp-content/uploads/car.jpg”, you could set the value of an image field to:” and MasterPress should be able to recognise that image.

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