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multipliertech # Posted on January 23, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Hi Dave and Trav,

I seem to be having the same problem too.

Say I have 3 templates – page.php, page-one.php, page-two.php.

The field sets will display accordingly on page-one.php and page-two.php templates. Perfect.

However, if I choose the “Default template” (page.php), which has no field sets assigned to it, the page displays all the field sets that I have set for page-one.php and page-two.php.

Here’s an example.

My visibility setting of a field set for page-one.php is as follow:

1. Post types –
[selected] Include all specific post types
[ticked] Pages

2. Templates –
[selected] Include all specific templates
[ticked] page-one.php

3. Taxonomies –
[selected] Include only in specific taxonomies
[ticked] none

4. User profiles –
[selected] Include only in specific roles
[ticked] none

This field set will display correctly when I select the page-one.php template, and will not display on other templates. But it will be displayed when page.php template is selected.

If I have the same visibility settings for page-two.php. The field sets for page-one and page-two will both be displayed when page.php template is selected.

I would appreciate any help with this.



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