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handbuiltDave # Posted on January 21, 2015 at 9:26 am

Quick update:

Looks like the DB is storing the correct info for the field set.
Here’s a dump of the ‘visibility’ JSON array from …mp_field_sets:


In other words, this field set is visible to all sites, only for pages assigned with the ‘site_home.php’ theme template (which is what we want), and for posts which are designated as ‘pages’ (again, this is perfect).
Problem is – MasterPress doesn’t honour these visibility settings.

Would you agree that this sounds like a PHP error when the field set is rendered?
I assume there is an ‘if’ statement which checks the visibility of the field set against the current page settings before it renders the field set in the admin area of WP?

Traversal, I presume you will already know this info but thought it may helpful with debugging.

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