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traversal # Posted on November 7, 2014 at 10:28 am

Hey there. Yeah, I suspect this doesn’t work because there’s no notion of the “current post” or the current query when using the AJAX filters, so the call to $wf->the, or $wf->loop fails. I suspect you’d have to pass the post ID you’re looking for. $wf->loop will only work when you’ve got a global query object representing the current query for an archive page. If you’re trying to loop over the posts for a specific custom post type, you’d need to use:

foreach ($wf->type(“custom_post_type”)->posts as $post)

which should still work in an AJAX handler, as it doesn’t reply on global state. You can also shorten this and use:

foreach ($wf->custom_post_types as $post)

which will look for a post type based on the singular form of “custom_post_types”. That actually returns a WOOF_PostType object, not a collection, but WOOF_PostType implements the Iterator interface, and will return a collection of posts in that type when used in conjunction with foreach.

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