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sitesurety # Posted on October 30, 2014 at 7:14 pm

Thanks for the help. It is more for display purposes only (view only) on the front end. The front end essentially can be thought of as a view only to the primary datasource which comes from the CSV file, and no output again needs to happen.

To clarify your comments – I would need to create a post of type ‘booking’ with custom fields for each entry for the fields of data I want.. Then query for the posts matching the filters. (as opposed to one post using a repeater field.

I was hoping there would be a more condensed way to do this than create a post for each entry, but from a users perspective it probably makes sense and is easier to manage the entries if they’re laid out seperately.

I’m assuming there won’t be any major issues querying for a bunch of posts that match a range and extracting an array or similar of those results to display. Essentially it just needs to be a HTML dump through ajax, updating the view as the query changes with the new results.

RE importing data – I’ll probably have to setup a word press cron to run a custom import process every x minutes, which parses the CSV file and creates the posts if they don’t exist (unless I use a third party module for this – Happy if you can recommend one)

Thanks again.

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