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traversal # Posted on October 30, 2014 at 7:06 pm

Hey there.

If you’re trying to map a single row in the CSV to a single (booking) post, this should be able to be setup with MasterPress successfully. The only thing I’m unsure of in the scenario you’ve described is the round trip after editing fields in MasterPress. Would those then be exported back to a master CSV or something like that?

Note that once your field definitions are setup MasterPress uses standard post_meta tables, so you can update the post_meta directly via SQL, and MasterPress should be able to pickup those changes when you edit. MasterPress also stores data like dates etc in ways that should be queryable, so you can use standard WordPress meta queries if the MasterPress API isn’t giving you the results you need.

One thing I WOULD avoid is using multiple-item (repeater) field sets for very large data sets attached to just one post. These are harder to update with the API, and they’ll also lead to poor performance in the backend. But if each row corresponds to a single post with a bunch of custom fields then that should be okay.

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