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h2 Media Labs # Posted on May 9, 2014 at 2:32 am

Sorry to post on an old topic, but without the ability to search topics, this is the most relevant context.

We are wondering if it is possible to share the taxonomies between sites, but not share the data. That is, I have a taxonomy of “varietal”, as in wine, and I can see them all from each site, but I want to be able to see only the wineries PER SITE that have the selected varietals. Right now it is a global table, where I can see the number of wineries across all the sites that have specific active varietals.

Maybe we can filter it programmatically? This is a major issue for us, as we are building filters for each taxonomy PER SITE and need to be able to display non-empty values PER SITE. Using $wf_>the_site() does not work due to the way the data is stored (all sites show the same data).

Please advise!

Thanks Much, Mary

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