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traversal # Posted on April 8, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Hey Mary.

While there’s no specific support yet for Gravity Forms, you can still use the “Custom Field” button under “Post Fields” and select the post meta fields that MasterPress use to store its content. The standard WordPress post meta is still used by MasterPress, with the field names being “field_set_name.field_name”. So if you had a field set called “custom” and a field called “description”, you’d see “custom.description” in the list of fields in Gravity Forms, which can then be submitted into. Then when you subsequently edit the field in WordPress, the data should show up in your custom (masterpress) field.

Some of the the more complex field types (like related posts etc) may not work entirely correctly but the more basic text-based fields should work okay.

I would like to bring in specific support for Gravity Forms at least, so that MasterPress could display a more tailored UI for custom fields within the form too, but it’s not a trivial addition.

Hope that helps for the moment.


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