I’ve just pushed out the final version 1.0.1 of MasterPress. Thanks to everyone for their patience, this has been a long time coming. This release brings a significant number of fixes and improvements:

  • A new Google Maps field type.
  • A more standard location for the storage of content files inside the wp-content folder, which also allows MasterPress to work correctly with custom upload folders. For more information, refer to The MasterPress Content Folder in 1.0.1.
  • Better support for Multisite. You can now choose to run MasterPress in a shared multisite mode, where the masterplan (post types, taxonomies, etc) are shared between all the sites in your network, or an isolated mode, where each site has its own masterplan. More information about the multisite sharing modes can be found in the documentation page Multisite Support in MasterPress.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.6.
  • … and a whole host of fixes for issues identified since the 1.0 release. Thanks to everyone who has identified many of these issues and provided some really solid bug reports and examples to work with.

The complete list of changes is available in the changelog.

Important Note: If you are currently running MasterPress 1.0 in a multisite environment, you may need to enable the multisite sharing mode so that MasterPress continues to operate in the same way. Please read the post Multisite Sharing in 1.0.1 and the documentation page Multisite Support in MasterPress for more info.

The longest point release in history…

It has taken me far too long to reach a final 1.0.1 release of MasterPress, and I just wanted to apologise for the long wait.

The first big mistake I made for this release was including larger features into the same build number as patches for issues which were identified in version 1.0. The more I continued to do this for the 1.0.1 betas, the harder it became to get this release out the door. In the end, this version is really more like a 1.1 release, which should have followed a few smaller point releases earlier in the year.

Clearly my development process needs to improve significantly here, and I just wanted to mention that I am aware of this and will need to work harder to release smaller and more critical fixes quickly. Asking users to download the latest beta for months is certainly not ideal, and I should have released a stable version a lot sooner.