The first point release of MasterPress, version 1.0.1, includes 2 important changes which may have ramifications for sites already using version 1.0:

  1. The location of the “mp” folder, where MasterPress stores all of its content (uploads, icons, cached images, and other files) will change from being located at wp-content/mp folder to being at wp-content/uploads/mp instead.
  2. In a WordPress multisite environment, MasterPress will no longer share post type, taxonomy, field set, field, and role definitions between sites by default, but will instead create separate definitions for each site in the network.

This post deals with the second of these issues. For more info on the mp folder change, please refer to the separate post The MasterPress Content Folder in 1.0.1.

Note: the changes outlined in this post should have little consequence for new installations of MasterPress 1.0.1.

Multisite sharing by default in version 1.0

MasterPress was built in response to content management needs in my own web development projects. When building support for WordPress multisite networks, my particular needs here were to allow the Masterplan to be shared between the sites in my multisite networks. That is, every site in the network shares the same custom post types, custom taxonomies, roles, field sets and fields.

But after considering the needs of user “OM4” in the Disabling Multisite Sharing support topic, which is to completely isolate sites from each other in a multisite network, we have realised that our particular needs are probably the minority case.

So we’ve decided in 1.0.1 to change the default sharing behaviour – MasterPress will no longer share the masterplan across all sites in the network by default.

Enabling multisite sharing in version 1.0.1

The ability to share post types, taxonomies, roles, field sets and fields across a multisite network is still a completely valid use-case for myself, and I’m sure others as well. While it’s no longer the default, enabling this feature is simple. In your wp-config.php file, simply add the following configuration line:

We’ve also now added the Multisite Support in MasterPress article to the getting started section of documentation, which contains more information on the two different modes.