MasterPress version 1.2.1 introduces shortcode functionality, enabling you to populate content into your posts dynamically – introducing the power of MasterPress to your content. The shortcodes use the standard object accessor syntax and work in the same way that a normal MasterPress object would.

The above example would be akin to doing $wf->the->featured_image->resize(“w=100”) in your code.

The above example would be akin to doing $wf->site->contacts->i(1)->phone in your code.


Currently there is no way to display every item in a set – to access an individual item in a set, you will need to use the WOOF_Collection::i method.

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MasterPress 1.3.1 is now available

MasterPress 1.3.1 is a compatibility release for PHP 8 and WordPress 5.7. It still remains backwards compatible with older PHP versions.

Plugin Requirements

MasterPress requires a minimum of WordPress version 4.9, MySQL 5.6, and PHP version 5.6.20.

We also recommend that PHP is configured to use a memory limit of 64MB per request (128MB may be required for sites with higher complexity).

This plug-in is not compatible with the hosted service.

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