WOOF_Image :: info()


Retrieves an associative array of info about this image file. This array consists of:

  • url – The root-relative URL to the file (leading /)
  • absolute_url – The absolute URL to the file (including the prototcol / domain)
  • size – The size of the file, with automatic unit appended
  • size_in_bytes – The size of the file in bytes
  • filetype – A description of the the type of the file
  • short_filetype – A shorted description of the file type
  • filename – The name of the file sans-extension
  • basename – The name of the file including the extension
  • extension – The extension of the file
  • modified – The modified date of the file, formatted in ISO 8601 format (“c” in PHPs date function)
  • accessed – The last-accessed date of the file, if available formatted in ISO 8601 format (“c” in PHPs date function)
  • width – The width of the image
  • height – The height of the image

This information is derived from many of the functions in this class and WOOF_File, but is a convenience method to get a lot of the info at one time (perhaps for debugging purposes).


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MasterPress 1.3.8 is now available

16th December 2022

MasterPress 1.3.8 is a bugfix release. Fixed a bug where MB, KB, and GB were being converted to bytes incorrectly via WOOF file functions. Fixed a bug where transparent images were losing their transparency on resize.

Plugin Requirements

MasterPress requires a minimum of WordPress version 4.9, MySQL 5.6, and PHP version 5.6.20.

We also recommend that PHP is configured to use a memory limit of 64MB per request (128MB may be required for sites with higher complexity).

This plug-in is not compatible with the WordPress.com hosted service.

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