WOOF_Collection :: orderby( $name, String $order = "ASC", Boolean $case_insensitive = false, Mixed $numeric = "AUTO" )


Returns a collection of the items in the collection sorted by the values for the given property. This method is a preset on the WOOF_Collection::sort method, with the clone argument set to false meaning that this method does not affect the original collection.



  • $name

    The property name whose values will be used to sort by

  • String $order = "ASC"

    The order to sort by, either “ASC” for ascending, or “DESC” for descending

  • Boolean $case_insensitive = false

    Whether to ignore the case of the values when sorting

  • Mixed $numeric = "AUTO"

    Can be either:
    * “AUTO” which will use numeric sorting for known numeric properties such as menu_order and id, and string sorting for all others,
    * true which will force a numeric sort
    * false which will use string sorting

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Plugin Requirements

MasterPress requires a minimum of WordPress version 3.4, MySQL 5, and PHP version 5.2.4.

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