WOOF_Collection :: number( Integer $index )


  • Mixed The item at the specified index
  • WOOF_Silent An object for silent failure, if the index is outside the bounds of the collection.

A normalised version of the WOOF_Collection::eq method to return an item from the collection at a specific index, while assuming that all access is 1-based – that is, index 1 is the first element, not 0. This method also supports negative indexes, which will retrieve the nth-item backwards from the end of the collection (so -1 is the final item, -2 is the second last item, and so on).

The name of this method “number” is intended to make code using it more readable, since it makes sense to refer to, say, the second item as item “number 2”



  • Integer $index

    The index of the item to retrieve (1 based)

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