WOOF_Collection :: dedupe( String $by = id )


Removes duplicates from the collection as identified by the specified property, that is, two objects are considered duplicate if the property value on each of those objects is the same.  



  • String $by = id

    The property name to check against for duplicate objects. The default of “id” means that this param doesn’t generally need to be specified for all of the built-in WordPress objects (posts, pages, terms, users)

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MasterPress 1.3.6 is now available

Masterpress 1.3.6 is a compatibility release. It resolves an edge case with shared fieldsets not working for MySQL 8 when the fieldset is limited to more than 1 post type or taxonomy or excluding any post types or taxonomies.

Plugin Requirements

MasterPress requires a minimum of WordPress version 4.9, MySQL 5.6, and PHP version 5.6.20.

We also recommend that PHP is configured to use a memory limit of 64MB per request (128MB may be required for sites with higher complexity).

This plug-in is not compatible with the WordPress.com hosted service.

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